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Welcome to the SDI online training program and thank you for choosing SDI for your certification agency.

A diver certification course is divided into three different phases; academic training, confined water (pool), and open water certification dives. By enrolling in the SDI online scuba course you are signing up for only the first phase of training. In order to complete the full certification course you will be asked to choose a facility where a certified instructor will review the first phase of training and complete the final two phases.

Academic Training (Phase 1)

Step one will give you the academic knowledge you need to choose and assemble equipment, understand the effects of pressure on the body while SCUBA diving, plan a fun and enjoyable dive, and how to use a personal dive computer (PDC).

Confined Water (Phase 2)

This phase of the course is where you actually get wet for the first time and learn how to perform skills in a controlled environment. The instructor will teach you how to assemble the equipment, clear a mask, recover a regulator, and a few other skills. This phase continues until you are proficient and able to perform the skills like it was second nature.

Open Water certification dives (Phase 3)

This is the part of the training you have been working towards and are able to see marine life for the first time while scuba diving. The instructor will take you diving, for a minimum of four dives in an ocean, lake, or spring and apply all the knowledge and skills learned in the previous two phases of training.

Once you have successfully completed all three phases of training your dive facility will issue you an SDI certification card.

So let's get started and choose an SDI facility to assist in your scuba certification course.

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Don't see a local dive facility? Go ahead and sign up anyway and we will help you locate one...