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Academic Portion of the Open Water Diver Course

Online Class

   Our online program works great for folks who live a distance away from us. With online training, the academic portion is done via your computer.
   Prior to the confined water training, your online results are reviewed and you're given extra assistance on any needed areas. Otherwise, we hit the water!
   Click here for more information.

CD-Rom Class

   CD-Rom classes work great for those without DSL or high speed internet access. It's the same interactive learning system as the online program. The only difference is that you must print out your chapter review answers.
   Work and study at your own pace on your home computer.
   We'll review your printouts prior to confined water sessions.

"Traditional" Class - Classroom

   Classes are scheduled according to our students' needs. If you need more information, please call Tim. We are flexible; we'll work with you to find a time that works.
   After signing up for the Traditional Class, students take home a student manual and video or DVD. The students read the manual, watch the video and answer the chapter recap questions before we meet.
   We get together twice for 3 or 4 hours to review and expand on this academic portion.


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